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A Year

A YearAs we approach the end of 2019, theres no better time to reflect on the past year and prepare for 2020. This is especially true if you work from home from tax write-offs to redesigning your home office to maximizing productivity, theres a lot you can do to make 2020 your most efficient year yet. 1) Get Your Finances in OrderThe new year is an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate your budget. Take a look at the programs youre subscribing to for your job/business, and assess whether youre getting value from them. (If youre paying 60 dollars a month for web hosting for a blog you never write on, it may be time to ditch it.)Be sure to review home office tax deduction requirements and budget for any home-office upgrades youll need in 2020 (like buying that coveted second monitor or a standing desk). And if youre a contractor or freelancer, now is the time to start tallying up your work expenses for tax deductions.If you didnt keep track of your business expenses this year, now is a great time to platzdeckchen up a spreadsheet to start tracking that information.2) Evaluate Your ScheduleThe flexibility of working from home can be freeing, but it can also make it hard to build an effective routine and maximize your productivity after all, you dont want to let your work ooze into all hours of the day just because you never formally leave your office.So take some time to re-plan your day-to-day schedule. If you use Google Calendar or any time tracking apps, take a look at your schedule from the past year to see how you spent most of your time. You can also take some tests to figure out when you work bestyou work best Then consider blocking your schedule accordingly for 2020.There is no shortage of hacks, tips and tricks out there that can help you make next year your most productive yet.3) Optimize Your Office SpacePart of the beauty of working from home is that you have full control over your office space. But if youre not the most organized person in the world, t hat autonomy can present drawbacks as well.A new year is a chance to clean up. Clutter can be a productivity killer if your desk or office is even just a little disorganized, you may benefit massively from a bit of de-cluttering.And once youve organized your office, you can think about straightening up your work computer. Think of all the emails, important files and useful programs youve accumulated over the past year. A lot of this will be immediately valuable but some of it, not so much. Take quick stock of whats what. If youve built up a serious email backlog, this may seem like a substantial undertaking. But you dont have to do it all at once. You can also use the end of the year to assess what your home office is missing and budget for purchases that will take your workspace to the next level. Get inspiration from these home-office design tips, or send this work-from-home holiday gift guide to your loved ones to help them help you4) Celebrate Your VictoriesThe new year is a c hance to celebrate. No matter what struggles youve faced over the past year, youve fought battles and gained more experience than you had 365 days ago. The end of the year is a great time to assess what could have gone better, but be sure to be kind to yourself and take an inventory of your wins as well make a list of five accomplishments youre proud of and celebrate those victories Use this energy to get motivated for more victories in 2020.Related Articles Around the Web The ultimate guide to self-employed tax deductions QuickBooks Aki Merced

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1 in 3 families say childcare costs influence family planning

1 in 3 families say childcare costs influence family planning1 in 3 families say childcare costs influence family planningHaving a child is going to upturn yur world and empty out your wallet. Too many of us are still unprepared for what it takes financially to balance a new family with our personal and professional lives, according to Care.coms fifth annual survey of childcare costs.Three in four families reported that the childcare costs were more than they expected. The U.S. Department of Health and philanthropisch Services defines affordable childcare as costing up to 7% of household income, while parents in the survey said they were paying almost triple that number. One in three families said they spend 20% or more of their household income on childcare costs.Increasing costs of childcare are straining finances and marriagesChildcare is increasingly unaffordable. According to Care.coms national averages of weekly childcare costs, while a nanny cost $472 and an after-school babys itter cost $181 in 2013 in 2017, a nanny costs an average of $580 and an after-school sitter costs $242.More than a quarter of parents surveyed said they would put themselves in debt to pay for childcare costs. These added concerns take a toll on our personal relationships. Thirty-five percent of parents said childcare costs caused relationship tension with their partner. It is limiting families futures. Families are waiting to have children longer, or are having fewer children than they would like if money was no object. One in three families said that childcare costsfactored into their family planning decision, which helps explain why the U.S. fertility rate is at a record low of60.2 births per 1,000 women in 2017.The demands of childcare costs also influence our career choices. The top career changes parents said childcare influenced them to do were changing jobs to increase take-home pay, requesting a more flexible work schedule, switching to a part-time schedule, and becoming a stay-at-home parent. And sometimes, these careers switches are done with regret. About one in four parents said they would not have done the same career decisions, knowing what they do know about childcare costs.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Ways to Get Good Soft Skills Training

Ways to Get Good Soft Skills TrainingWays to Get Good Soft Skills TrainingCan you learn soft skills the way you can learn how to drive or play the guitar? The answer is yes, but dont expect to get soft skills training at a company-sponsored workshop. Even though many managers say it takes strong interpersonal skills to move up the company ladder, few firms provide training in this area. In an Accountemps survey of CFOs, only one in five said their organization is likely to invest in soft skills training for accounting and finance staff in the next two years.So youre on your own. If youre like many accountants, youve notlageiced the increasing need for non-accounting skills and abilities in your job. For one thing, you may find yourself collaborating more frequently across the business, outside of accounting and finance.Here are four tips for getting your own soft skills training without going back to school1. Get out and aboutIts easy to become so preoccupied in the daily demands of your role that you never leave the office. But thats just what you need to do. Making time to attend association and community group meetings gives you experience in initiating and maintaining conversations with new contacts. And if you drill down a bit more and get involved in committees and teams, you can elevate your communication skills.Also, friendships at work can provide a sounding board and support system. Go out to lunch, or socialize afterwork. A sense of camaraderie at work can improve employee communication and cooperation, which contributes to career success.Follow the Robert Half Blog for the latest career trends and advice.SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER2. Pursue tact and diplomacyIsaac Newton called tact the art of making a point without making an enemy. As for diplomacy, journalist David Frost once said its the art of letting someone else have your way. At the end of the day, tact and diplomacy share the same intent They help you achieve your goals while maintaining goo d office relations. Here are some tipsIts easy to be stubborn and focus on your own needs. Instead, take the high road and collaborate for the common good. Let colleagues know you understand their positions.If youre upset, take time to collect your thoughts. You cant afford to say something regrettable that permanently damages relationships.If you need to have a tough conversation, plan it out first. Imagine the counterarguments. Try to steer clear of the terms always and never.Give feedback directly and privately. If you have something to say to a coworker, go directly to the offender and have a gentle but firm word in private.Know the difference between criticism and constructive feedback. Harsh criticism tears down constructive feedback helps build up.3. Build adaptability on the jobCharles Darwin may not have been an accountant, but he knew something about adaptability. He learned that the species fittest for survival are the ones most adaptable to change.The rapid advancement o f technology means youre likely to see widespread changes during your accounting career. Today, its the transition to cloud accounting. Tomorrow, who knows? Whatever comes next, the fittest accountants will be the ones who are flexible, positive and open to change. So here are some challengesDont become so intent on getting your way that you fail to acknowledge other points of view. Demonstrate a sincere interest in your colleagues, minimizing interruptions and asking for clarification when necessary.Try to see things from another point of view. Asking questions can channel your uncertainty into something that boosts productivity in the workplace.Accept new challenges outside your comfort zone, such as offering to fill in where help is needed, leading a training session on something you know well or submitting an article for the company newsletter.4. Practice good communicationYes, you want to hold the floor at times to get your point across, but dont let this be your single objecti ve when in a group setting. Instead of automatically blurting out something you want to say the minute it occurs to you, practice active listening skills. By becoming a better listener, youll not only improve your likability and ability to influence others, but youll also avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.Soft skills dont only refer to person-to-person interactions, of course. Maintain a professional tone in all your written communication, from emails to texts, not to mention voicemails and printed memos. Even the most informal communiqu requires common courtesies such as please and thank you. You never know how far your messages will be forwarded.The bottom line is that soft skills can be learned. But it takes practice.Looking for more career advice, accounting professionals? Visit our Accounting and Finance Professionals Career Center.

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7 Tips for Handling a Blemish on Your Resume

7 Tips for Handling a Blemish on Your Resume7 Tips for Handling a Blemish on Your ResumeSometimes your professional past isnt as squeaky clean as youd like. You might have an embarrassing gap between jobs, or maybe you were fired and worry about how to explain that to potential employers. Interviews are like landmines How do you avoid those areas of discrepancy on your resume or put yourself in a positive light, despite your past mistakes?1. Avoid the temptation to lie. Lying never got anyone the job, so resist the urge to deckblatt up your past errors. Instead, try to avoid the topic unless your interviewer brings it up. Dont be the one to bring up any weak points in your work history, but if they do come up, handle them gracefully, says Keren Douek, director of recruitment services at Dont lie, but dont linger, either. Answer any questions directly, but dont feel the need to elaborate too much or go into a great amount of detail.2. Focus on the positive. Your inter viewer doesnt expect you to be perfect, so dont try to sweep your mistakes under the rug. Instead, guide the conversation to what you learned from your mistakes, says Amit De, CEO and co-founder of Careerleaf.Along with honesty, job seekers should directly assess what they learned from the experience and how they have improved. They can also talk about the plan they have set in place for these actions to never occur again.3. Be prepared. The worst thing you could do in an interview is stumble when youre asked about the blemish on your resume. Instead, Nicole Lindsay of says, be prepared with a response. Expect that the question item will come up.Lindsay says its a good idea to consult with a mentor or peer to determine the best way to describe the issue so that it doesnt send up red flags for a potential employer. Having a succinct way of explaining what happened can keep you from being embarrassed, and most employers will simply move on to the next question.4. Find the best wording. Sometimes its not what you say, but how you say it. Lindsay says you should use words that minimize the magnitude of the issue- use let go instead of fired, use not forthright instead of lied. Smoother wording can help you even out bumps in your background.5. Be the bigger person. It can be tempting to dive into a he said/she said situation, especially if you feel you werent in the wrong. But you should resist. Douek says Be the bigger person. If youre asked about a negative work experience or a business relationship that didnt end well, dont get petty or get caught up telling your side of the story. Keep your explanation simple and light. You dont want to come across as bitter, even if you secretly are.6. If you were fired ... Theres no need to go into detail as to why you were let go, unless a potential employer asks point blank. Again, use softer wording, and focus on your accomplishments rather than the negatives of your past work history.7. End on a posit ive note. What you want a hiring manager to remember about you is how great you are, and why youre qualified for this role. Regardless of the topic, come up with a way to give it a positive spin, Douek says. If you were let go from a previous position, you could talk about how you gained so much from the experience, you understand why they had to make cutbacks, or how the timing was right for you because you were ready for the next step in your career, she says.Bottom line is The problem spots on your resume should not be huge issues if youre qualified and enthusiastic about the job. Dont dwell on mistakes youve made in the past. That way, the employer wont either.Corrected on 11/21/2012 A previous version of this article misattributed a quote. Its Amit De, CEO and co-founder of Careerleaf, who gives advice on how to focus on the positive during an interview.Lindsay Olson is a founding partner and public relations recruiter with Paradigm Staffing and, a niche job board f or public relations, communications, and social media jobs. She blogs at, where she discusses recruiting and job search issues.

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How to Add References to a Resume

How to Add References to a ResumeHow to Add References to a ResumeWhen you apply for jobs today, you need to make sure that your resume stands out among others the company receives. Adding references to your resume can help you stand out, especially as many people no longer list references on a resume. As most employers require that you submit a resume of one page or less, you need to maximize the amount of available space and highlight the skills and experience you have that applies to the job. If you have any remaining space available, you may want to draw attention to the fact that you can supply your references after receiving an interview.When Do You Add References to a Resume? Adding references to a resume today is something that you will do when you have important people willing to speak on your behalf. This may include the founder of a major corporation, the CEO of a well-known company, or the owner of a large business. Keep in mind that hiring managers and human resources d irectors will generally only look at the first page of your resume. If adding references to the resume takes you to a second page, leave off those names. You can always list a small notation at the bottom that you can provide references when needed.How to Add References to a Resume You may decide that you want to add references to your resume, or a job posting may require that you add two or mora references to a resume. Keep things simple when adding those details. You generally need to listthe individuals full namehis or her job title within the companyan accurate phone number with extensionthe address of the company with the individuals office number listedan email addressIf the job posting does not require any information regarding your references, you do not need to list any references. Let the employer know that you can send an email with your references later.Adding References to Your ResumeAdding references to your resume is something you can do when you have more space avai lable on your resume. Include two or more jobs you had in the recent past, and use the available space to include details regarding your experience and the skills you learned while working. Make your resume really shine regardless of whether you add references with our online resume builder. Related Articles How to Answer the Tell Me About Yourself Interview QuestionHow to Apply for the Same Job Twice Without Looking DesperateHow To Choose a Career When You Love Everything You Do

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5 Steps You Have to Push Yourself to Take if You Want to Be Successful

5 Steps You Have to Push Yurself to Take if You Want to Be Successful5 Steps You Have to Push Yourself to Take if You Want to Be SuccessfulWe spend a lot of time talking about easy things we can do to make our lives better and our careers take off. There are easy things to do, but the reality is, being at the top of your game doesnt come easily for almost anyone. Sometimes, there are hard things you need to do if you want to be successful. Here are five hard things that will really help you.1. Get the Right Education and TrainingI get emails all the time asking, Should I get an MBA? or Should I go to graduate school? The answer? How in the heck should I know It all depends on your goals. Do the people who currently work in your dream job have MBAs? Or, do they have PhDs in art history? Or, did they go through coding camp? Look at what theyve done and then make your decision.Keep in mind that some doors will close when you get that extra training, just as some doors will open. If your goal is to be an HR manager, skip law school. People will say, Why on earth did you go to law school if you dont want to be a lawyer?2. Get Your 10,000 Hours InEven though Malcolm Gladwells famous 10,000-hour rule for becoming an expert isnt necessarily true, it is true that most of us cant just walk in and audition for the local symphony. You need to practice, practice, practice and learn, learn, learn. People ask how I got this gig at Inc. Well, I learned and wrote and learned some more, and wrote, and wrote, and wrote. You need to too if you want to be successful in your field.3. Work Harder and Longer Than OthersYeah, sometimes a golden child can walk in off the street and rocket to the top, but most of us work our tail ends off. Claudia Goldin, a professor of economics at Harvard University, explained on a recent Freakonomics episode that what she called temporal flexibility explains most of the gender pay gap. People who want flexible schedules are less successful financially than those who give up flexibility. Its not bad if you value flexibility, but know what youre giving up if you do.4. Stay HealthyIt always cracks me up when people put Exercise on their list of simple things. Regular exercise is simple for some people and thats great. For the rest of us? Diet and exercise just arent that simple. They can be really, really, hard. We cant control all aspects of our health-genetics and just pure bad luck-plays a role. Still, work to be healthy, whatever that means. If it means taking the right medicines, do that. If it means going to the gym three times a week, do that. If it means getting therapy to overcome your problems, do that. None of this is easy, but all of them help your career.5. Shut Up and ListenAgain, this is easier for some people than it is for others. Some of us, uh, I mean you, love to hear the sound of our own voices. While you can have fabulous ideas, you need to listen to other peoples ideas as well. You need to shut up and listen to feedback about your own ideas. You have to be humble enough to hear criticism.Often, people who are used to being stars have a real problem when confronted with ideas that dont match their own. If you cant listen to what other people have to say, you can only climb so high.More From Inc.What Your Morning Habits Say About Your Work Ethic10 Daily Habits of the Most Confident People9 Surprising Reasons Why You Wont Get HiredPhoto of woman working courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Awards Section Resume Help!

Awards Section Resume Help Social buttons sit vertically between the 2 columns. Or perhaps you want to reinforce a product included in your resume skills section as you know that it is vital to the job. The title region of the page indicates the name and titles. LiveCareer has lots of information on how best to create a wonderful Awards section. The examples above demonstrate that it is possible to write cum laude on your resume in lots of ways. For those who have a great deal of work experience, its wise to incorporate any expert awards on your resume to underline the fact your work welches recognized for its excellence in a particular field. There are a number of good formats. An alternate format youll be able to follow is thefunctional resumemodel. Highlighting the main experience points is a fantastic way to show prospective employers what you gained from your fellowship. Which means you need to define an original objective for each work application. This is an extre mely in-depth guide on how best to compose certifications on a resume according to the most up-to-date industry standards. What You Should Do to Find Out About Awards Section Resume Before Youre Left Behind The advice and examples above ought to help you come up with some resume achievements. Many also believe that its challenging to discover certain accomplishments in their industry. You should have five goal statements. The objective statement must explain goals that you prefer to attain employed in the business enterprise. Awards Section Resume Theres nobody right method to structure a resume. In nearly all instances, a work application goal is just a couple of sentences much moment. In the opinion of the law, both the proprietor and his business are the exact same. It can be quite so tough to discover the perfect individual Utilizing an online resume builder is an easy and effective method of writing a winning resume which will get you through the interview stage. B ut bear in mind that in an interview the key will be showing you have completed those things at work. Thats the best way to go about writing theemployability skills list. Above all, make certain the skills you list are related to the advertising job youre applying for. The Downside Risk of Awards Section Resume Mixing the certifications with different abilities or awards section is not going to earn any influence on the recruiter. Adding an accomplishments section to your resume is a superb method to demonstrate your best achievements and regions of expertise as they relate to the job which youre applying for. If you bury them within your everyday duties or general academic info, they might not be seen. On a resume, the awards section helps demonstrate to a prospective employer that you have gotten recognition for your abilities in a particular field, and also that youre a balanced or well-rounded individual. Up in Arms About Awards Section Resume? Your career is truly an investment for the upcoming future job which you will apply for. Keep the awards related to your job and industry. Your resume is among the most significant tools youve got at your disposal during work hunt. If that is the case, it ought to be included on a resume. Have a look at the subsequent guide to figure out where awards should go on a resume and the way to include them so they can positively influence your candidacy. Nominations can be submitted by means of a colleague who knows the candidates work. An Honors and Awards section is only the means to do that. If thats the case, be certain to include things like these awards on your resume. Scholarships wont be awarded to the exact same recipients for two consecutive decades. Especially, in case you graduated with honors. The honors and awards section isnt a necessity and should only be added in case you have enough specific honors or awards which are linked to you and the job you are at present seeking. Be specific c oncerning the awards, honors, and accomplishments and prevent vague language. Utilizing a resume template permits you to rapidly accomplish this. Ensure you check the work description to see whether theyre trying to find a candidate who has experience with any particular platforms or tools, like AdWords or Photoshop. Resume is a one-page layout designed particularly for resumes and individual projects. Your resume should be well structured to be able to demonstrate that youve got good management skill. The Unexpected Truth About Awards Section Resume The other candidate might have a lot to offer too. They show that everything you decide to include on your resume ought to have an objective. Therefore understanding how to compose a resume is important. This is due to the fact that the company is another entity. Instead, it can also be employed for the expansion plans of the organization. In addition, you can look for secretary jobs on Monster. Mention all vital offices he ld.